Share Mongolia is a not-for-profit group of New Zealand and Australian farmers. The objective is to form a NZ-led international collaboration  committed to supporting Mongolian herders and farmers to farm more efficiently, profitably and sustainably.

Share Mongolia includes New Zealand and Australian agricultural experts, veterinarians, horticulturalists and farmers with the common goal to connect relevant experts with Mongolian herder groups and aid agencies to teach and promote modern farming techniques.

The Share Mongolia initiative is a continuation and expansion of the Unido project and will seek support for a range of initiatives that have now been tested in country and are showing returns for participants in line with Share Mongolia’s objectives. UNIDO calculated that mechanical shearing has the potential to create 4,000 seasonal jobs in Mongolia, many of which would be filled by women. Mechanically shorn wool and pelts demand twice the price of the current product.

Our objectives #1

Sharing Knowledge

Bring together international and Mongolian experts to identify and promote agricultural best practices that will improve financial returns for sheep-herders, while encouraging sustainable methods

Our objectives #2

Sharing Skills

Organising workshops and courses in Mongolian communities to facilitate sharing and developing skills including sheep shearing and wool handling

Our objectives #3

Sharing Opportunities

Empowering youth by teaching agricultural skills that will allow them to set up new businesses or travel internationally

Our goal

What We
Want To

The project goal is to provide 150 Mongolian Herders per year with the skills and equipment to start their own businesses. This programme will be delivered by a team of New Zealand instructors who will visit and run the shearing courses during the Mongolian shearing season. We aim to hold six courses per year with twenty five trainees at each course.

Take a look at our information pack below to learn more.

Take a look at our information pack to learn more


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